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Am I Able to Get Help with Some Specialised Equipment for Use in My Home?

It is important to discuss your needs with a nurse in the CDU, on the ward, your physiotherapist or your contact in social services. They are best placed to guide you to the best solution for you.

The Paul Sartori Foundation Can Help

The opportunity to loan important equipment to improve the well being of a patient is on offer free of charge from the Paul Sartori Foundation. For information on the extensive range of items on offer visit their website here                              or Telephone: 01437  763223

West Wales Care and Repair

If you are age 60 and over and live in Ceredigion or Pembrokeshire then you may be able to access help with adaptations to your home from West Wales Care and Repair (charity). Visit their website aside to find out what they can offer you in return for a small administrative charge. Help with additional handrails around your home can help overcome problems in mounting stairs and steps.

                                                       or Telephone:  0845 2601640

Click here to visit their website

Dealing With Hair Loss During Treatment

Losing your hair as a result of chemotherapy can be a major issue  affecting self confidence and the feeling of well being.

A number of solutions exist which may help your particular needs.


Financial support exists from Hwel Dda University Health Board which will support the purchase of a wig of your choice to the value of up to £95. You are at liberty to view a range of products and make your own choice in discussion with the wigs team at Withybush Hospital. Ask a member of the CDU team for more information.

Useful Advice on the Subject

A very useful charity website exists and was set up by someone who understands hair loss during treatment. To gain access to valuable information and advice plus product guidance (including alternatives to wigs), with contributions from previous patients, click on the link aside or visit

Macmillan Cancer Support has created a useful web page which deals with hair loss which you may find helpful.To visit the information click here

Knitted Knockers UK is a registered charity which makes FREE of charge prosthesis for ladies post mastectomy and lumpectomy surgery.

The "Knockers" are made from 100% cotton yarn using patterns which authorised volunteers make on receipt of an order. Your comfort is the charities priority so dont worry if your needs post-surgery are more complex,or if you need a larger prosthesis . They can also provide spare or replacement items FREE of charge!

Breast cancer has been the most common cancer in the UK since 1997, 49,936 women in the UK were diagnosed with invasive breast cancer in 2011 and more than 18,000 mastectomies were carried out in England alone. In addition to this, there were more than 2,000 breast reconstruction operations in the same period. This figure is not getting any smaller as the years pass by.

To find out more click on the link here:

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